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Do it right the first time with PitKit Elite, the choice of winning teams. The PitKit Elite is a large Pelican case, complete with an essential collection of Beta tools. This kit contains everything any mechanic would need, in a convenient and secure form factor.

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• Pelican Model 1620 Large Case
• 96N/SC9 Wrench Set
• T-Handle Wrenches with Three Hexagon Male Ends
• Reversible Ratcheting Comb Wrenches
• Hexagon Hand Sockets Set 3/8″
• Reversible Ratchet 72 Teeth 3/8″
• Spark Plug Sockets (Hexagon)
• T-Handle Hexagon Socket Wrenches
• 22-Drive Extension Bars 3/8″
• Spring Pulling Hook Wrench
• Dead-Blow Hammer
• Screwdrivers 1260-1262 (In Box)
• Second Cut Flies 6″
• BCX Electrician’s Scissors
• Flexible Graduated Ruler
• Twist Drills
• Stepped Drills (HSS)
• Combination Pliers (PVC)
• Extra Long Needle Knurled Nose Pliers
• Diagonal Semi-flush Cutting Nippers
• External Circlip Pliers (Bent Pattern 45º)
• Self-Locking Pliers (Straight Jaws)
• Adjustable Wrench with Scales 10″
• Locking Wire Pliers
• Hi-Torque Hexagon Nut Spinner (6mm)
• Streamlight – Stylus Reach (Used to check the jetting in the cylinder hole, inspecting reeds)
• Tape measure with standard and metric

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Weight 49.8 lbs
Dimensions 25 x 14 x 20 in
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